Sword of Legends

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Sword of Legends is a action-RPG platformer with emphasis on exploration and hack & slash gameplay. Join Adon as he embarks on his journey across a vast and medieval fantasy world, learning special sword techniques and equipping a variety of magical items in this classically-themed adventure.

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7 thoughts on “Sword of Legends”

  1. Played the demo a few minutes ago after months of anticipation. I think I love it. But I’d like to point out a few minor inconvieniences:

    •By habit, I keep on using Z to confirm and X to cancel. I’m not sure if others do this, so ignore it if no one else says anything.
    •Is there any reason to not be able to slide while throwing the sword? Or is it just a limitation on the engine you’ve made?
    •Also, while not be able to throw the sword downwards when in midair? Or even at an angle?
    •An odd glitch happened in free play. I was at the high part of the right mountainous area when I killed a bird. It managed to hit me right before it died, sending me into a pit below. I leveled up from the fight, but the delay of the level screen coming up seemed to interfere with my landing. I was unable to move while what looked to be a non-terminating dust effect appeared nearby repeatedly.

    Other than that, this is living up to the anticipation. Combining stuff to allow interesting “Advanced Techniques” is fun. Like Slide->Spin Jump and Dash->Dive Stab.

  2. I just finished playing the demo, wow what an amazing throwback to the golden age of gaming. There’s a ton of potential here and I love the direction the game is going, keep up the great work.

  3. It’s just sooo good, it is incredible. I loved this game from first screenshots. Just release it, pleeease! So oldschool, so beautiful, such a great fairy-tale.

  4. This is an awesome demo. It shows such great promise, I’m really disappointed to hear that you’ve suspended work on it. Any chance you’ll continue work on it?

  5. When receive $100 worth of donations we will begin work on it again…No not really haha. I’d really love to finish it as a massive amount of time and effort has already been put into this, so hopefully progress will continue some time in the not so distant future 🙂 I’ve got a few solo projects I’d like to have a shot at in the mean time!

  6. Seriously dude!!!! This game is fantastic. I wanted to keep playing all night until it ended and I remembered it was a demo. Please keep working on this, or if you don’t have time – open it up/crowd source parts of it and let other people help you bring this game to fruition.

  7. I’ve tried to contact Paul Hubans, and emailed the music designer for the game, no response from Paul Hubans.
    Any ideas when development will start again, this is a great game. It would be a shame to see it in-complete.

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