In the shadows of Blastforce

I have to say, it get’s quite difficult to think of witty titles every time I go to post something. Anyway. I’ve been working on Blastforce some. *gasp* I’ve tweaked up the shadow system and it’s definitely nothing special, but does the job! When I decide I need a little break from SME this is the other project I’ll be investing my time into. I’m thinking of possibly leaning towards a stat system, in which you can upgrade your weapons and your attributes but will have to have a think about that. I really want to make it nice and atmospheric with lots of interesting content and variety. This is the new area in which you will basically start. I won’t give to much away, but I want to try and incorporate some more surreal game play elements and not just the typical run and shoot. A few puzzle elements, but nothing too complicated or frustrating to complete. …hopefully!

One thought on “In the shadows of Blastforce”

  1. Very eerie feeling area with environment sprite work reminiscent of Alien 3 for the Genesis. I like it. =)

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